I live at the crossroads of the scientific method and creativity. I believe no good idea should go untested, while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of open concept thinking. I live and work efficiently, discovering the clearest and most concise path to success, quickly iterating plans if necessary.

I help businesses define product and marketing strategies that attract, connect with and grow their customer base. My work focuses on value creation and user retention, knowing that these two things are the main drivers behind any successful business. I am results-oriented, with solid and measurable experience in product development, digital marketing, market research, competitive analysis and building online communities. I excel in driving user growth and building high-performing teams that can execute flawlessly.

TL;DR of what I can do for you

  • Product Strategy: identify opportunities, product iteration, prototyping, and distilling core value propositions to define next steps.
  • Business Strategy: pinpointing value creation opportunities that resonate with your customers and setting high level vision for all teams to rally around.
  • Marketing Strategy: messaging, alignment through communications, and product based marketing.

Product Strategy

Building and selling products have a number of difficult challenges. I am able to break down product ideation into small digestible bites, guiding teams to succeed through prototyping and rapid iteration. This process crystallizes company vision and distills core value propositions, providing insight and direction so all teams understand the value your product provides, better enabling you to sell your solutions to end users and clients. I teach company-wide alignment between product and business goals, rapid movement and testing on new features, and concise product marketing that helps facilitate education.

Business Strategy

Business strategy, at it’s core, is motivating people, whether they are employees or customers. I will help you set high level vision, create roadmaps, identify value propositions and guide those messages internally and externally. I will identify new opportunities in your market, providing fresh perspectives on where to, and not to, focus your energy. With experience in Marketing, Product and Business Development, I will make sure your teams are singing from the same songbook.

Marketing Strategy

I love helping brands tell stories and create experiences that get users excited. I will dislodge any roadblocks, analyze new opportunities and create overarching strategy to empower your marketing team to be more successful and your product more profitable. Alongside advising creativity and execution, I align brand messages about your product to help highlight features that most effectively resonate with end users and clients.

Let’s Whiteboard Together

I help teams execute and make quick decisions that promote efficiency and action. I’ll work directly with your teams, leading by example, transferring knowledge and setting a framework for continued iteration and actionable decision making. I live in Brooklyn, but am always happy to come to you wherever you may be.